Crystal Gridding

Crystal Gridding & Temple Activation

Space can be blessed using Sacred Geometry, ancient methods to build sacred Temple energy, as well as by gridding the home or office with Crystals using Ancient Crystal Matrixes hailing from the age of The Mu.

Investment: R350 (excluding materials) per hour
(Outside Cape Town and Surrounds – add transport and accommodation)crystal-gridding

Crystals can be used to change and enhance the vibrations of areas, such as to enhancing indoor vibrations in a home, temple, meditation room etc. Crystal gridding is done by creating an energetic force field through a network or grid of crystals placed at strategic locations within the area to be enhanced. For example, you can set up a crystal grid in your meditation room to enhance spiritual vibrations in the room and to go higher in your meditation. Crystals have the natural capacity to amplify energy, and thus are perfect to increase good energy and positive vibrations. But that is just one possible use of crystal grids.

Crystals also have the ability to transmute energy, in other words to change a negative energy field into a positive one. For this reason crystals have frequently been used to clear negative energy. Strictly speaking just planting one crystal is not gridding, only when a network of crystals is set up – usually in a geometrical pattern, ideally utilising sacred geometry — then you have a crystal grid.

In a crystal grid all crystals are energetically connected with each other and communicate with each other. In this way they work together to amplify or transmute the energies of the gridded place.