Professional Affiliations

We have affiliation to the following bodies and organisations:


Acudetox NADA-SA NPO

NADA South Africa

NADA South Africa (168-907 NPO) of the NADA US organization, established in 1985 to provide training and education in the AcuDetox protocol technique, estimates at 2013 that over 125 000 providers worldwide have trained in the procedure. Projects that offer the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol exist today in over 40 countries.

The settings in which the NADA model has been integrated include addiction, psychiatric / mental health, prisons, post traumatic stress centres, disaster relief, Native American reserves, refugee settings, pastoral care, humanitarian aid, sickle cell, cancer and HIV?Aids care, case workers, volunteers, and harm reduction workers.

Affiliation Reiki Healing Association

Reiki Healing Association

The Reiki Healing Association is an all-inclusive international Professional Reiki Community. A community of like-minded Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters Teachers who work both separately and together to help educate, promote and spread Reiki Healing and Teaching to every corner of our planet.

affiliation-energy-healers-associationEnergy Healers Association

The Energy Healers Association is an organisation who has been chosen by teachers, trainers, and associations of energy healing modalities to be responsible for their accreditation, assessments, and quality of service. This is a group of people who wish to get the benefits known about how energy healing plays an increasingly important  role in the improvement of every day ordinary people’s  lives.

Modern Mystery School

Affiliation The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School has been likened to a university for the soul. A place where the curriculum focuses on awakening and developing your highest potential, and on attaining divine awareness. Beyond merely teaching, the Modern Mystery School helps students refine conscious potential, build focus, and activate their innate powers. This is through a series of programs, classes, initiations, ceremonies, and sacred meditations.