Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is essentially meditating with your animal. Reiki is an alternative healing treatment the practices of which help us navigate life’s challenges.

During a Reiki session, animals often experience a deep state of peace as the Reiki clears imbalances, allowing for new and harmonious patterns of health and wellness to emerge. Physical contact is not a requirement for Reiki and traditionally the practitioner offers Reiki to the animal hands off. In this way, the animal controls the treatment, accepting Reiki from a distance or settling themselves against the practitioners hands.

The Animal Reiki Experience

Reiki can do no harm, and always goes to the deepest source of the problem and always supports a path towards balance and harmony.

Animal_Reiki_BellaReiki can heal animals by:

  • Addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues at any level
  • Gentle and non-invasive yet powerful
  • Bringing healing, whether we know the problem or not.
  • Relieving pain and speeding up healing after surgery or illness.
  • Reducing side-effects of drugs and other treatments.
  • Improving behavior problems and healing anxiety-related problems.
  • Easing the transition to death where physical healing isn’t possible.

Animals resonate at a higher vibration than humans, and they attract us into their lives so that we may learn and heal as they offer us their unconditional love.

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