Aura Clearing

Aura clearing relieves one of the reasons many people fall ill. Blockages form when your chakras become out of alignment and unbalanced. These blockages restrict the free flow of energy.

Your treatment will include:

identification of chakras that are out of balance;
definition of your aura; and
exercises to maintain both in balance.

Treatment cost: R540.00

The treatment process will depend on the treatment. Please be sure to dress comfortably for your Aura Clearing.

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Bio-Energetic System

The physical body, being is the densest part of our bio-energetic system, is visible to the ‘naked’ eye and tangible to everyone. However, there is also a less dense aspect of this system called the ‘subtle body’ or ‘aura’ that extends out beyond the physical body. Energetic healing practitioners develop their sensitivity to enable them to sense, and thus work energetically with the aura.

The aura could be considered our energetic immune system. The aura can become misshapen, thin or clogged with energy. The use of alcohol, tobacco and substances (recreational and medical)  can all influence the permeability of the aura. When this happens there is a tendency to absorb external energies that have a negative impact on your health.

When out of balance, organs or tissues no longer functioning in harmony with the rest of the body.

By applying energy with intention, I am able to assist you to restore the clarity, flow and cohesiveness of your aura.

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