Healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels of a person’s being, irrespective of where ill health has manifested. In accordance with the law of South Africa, we have to advise you that, because we work with a Different system, the advice given to you by the healer may differ from that of the Medical Profession.

The healer may not diagnose, prescribe for, nor treat any specific illness. If you have a definite medical problem, you are advised to seek professional medical care. If you are receiving ongoing medical psychiatric treatment you are requested to notify your doctor that you are healing, IN ADDITION TO their treatment. This is necessary because, should your condition improve your medication will have to be adjusted accordingly.

All healers subscribe to a Code of Conduct and abide by the stringent Code of Ethics. Our aim is to provide clients with the standard of healing, which is always ‘IN ADDITION TO’ and NEVER ‘INSTEAD OF’ Professional care.

  • Please note all therapies are deeply relaxing, and aid your body to heal on 3 levels
    Physical : Aches and pains, stress, illness, post operative trauma, lack of physical energy and vitality
    Mental : Fears, Phobia’s, Mental Stress
    Emotional : Past Traumas, Depression and any other emotional issues.
  • Your body will automatically detoxify for 7 days after the therapy on all levels so please ensure you eat well balanced meals and drink sufficient water.
  • These therapies are complimentary and are not to replace any existing medication or Professional Health Care Practitioners advice or diagnosis. It is to be used in conjunction with existing allopathic health care.