Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual Empowerment entails becoming aware of who and what we are. Awareness of our everyday psychological and spiritual selves and finding ways of bringing both into balance with one another. Spiritual healing is not hard to comprehend. The term refers to the healing transmitted by the spirit, soul or divine force.

How we feel physically can impact how we feel spiritually. When we become physically sick, we often ponder what we ate the day before. When we become spiritually sick, we should examine our spiritual diet.

We are stuck people. We get distracted, pulled down, undone. You’re not abnormal. Relax. We all go through this from time to time. Seasons of spiritual darkness are common — even when many pretend they’re an anomaly.

Today in what is often termed the “mind body spirit” or “New Age” movement it is taken for granted that spiritual healing is a skill which can be taught and learnt.

Spirituality is a journey through which you would be able to connect to your true nature and let her create a harmony between your mind, body, and soul. You can begin this journey of discovery on your own or take help from experts who have been the guiding force in many spiritual conquests. They are known as spiritual healers because they have gained awareness of reality and know to use it for the benefit of others.

“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” – Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)

Spiritual healing takes place in the Tree of Life.

Spiritual Empowerment

The path to spiritual empowerment often requires perseverance and drawing upon a variety of creative practices and intuitive skills.  Our minds have the power to bring about a deeper understanding of our relationship with the Universe, and how it functions.

Learning to embrace the power of the spirit within, helps us to overcome our self-imposed limitations . This power is ours by right.

Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing definitionThe spiritual gift of healing is the supernatural manifestation of the Creator / Spirit of God that miraculously brings healing and deliverance.

  • Spiritual sickness and disillusionment is at an all time high.
  • Many religious become disillusioned and burned-out in their faith.
  • Many spiritual leaders get spiritually sick.

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Primary Energy

The primary energy crisis on Earth today is the spiritual energy crisis. If this crisis were solved, no other energy crises would exist. Spiritual energy is no less real than any other energy, like electricity for example, but is vastly more important. Spiritual energy is prana (also known as “universal life force” or “qi”) carried by pure love.

All conditions can be treated by spiritual healing – but not all people. Some people are more receptive than others to this treatment, due to a number of factors such as karma and mental outlook. As such the results of healing and spiritual empowerment can vary a great deal. If the patient has faith in the technique and the healer, this will of course aid the healing process, but is not necessary; this is not faith healing as practiced in some religions – it is based instead on spiritual energy. This being the case, it is possible for a skeptic to receive healing and benefit from it.

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Spiritual Healer

A healer can help you if you are:

  • feeling depressed in life and have lost the zeal to live
  • overwhelmed by fears or other emotions
  • being crushed under the stress of performing in your professional and personal life
  • suffering from illness on a regular basis
  • pessimistic and cannot find the right path
  • involved in unfulfilling activities or relationships

These are some of the problems that a healer can help you with. According to most healers, the power to heal lies within your own self. All you need to do is get in touch with your own self and see its purpose.

Spiritual healers are shamans in their own right. They are people who allow the energy of Spirit to flow through them in a way that guides, rejuvenates and empowers others. The spiritual healer is also a wounded healer. In other words, by healing themselves, they heal others

One of the most important roles of a healer is to share their knowledge on spirituality and use it to provide guidance to others.

“The greatest joy comes from giving and serving, so replace your habit of focusing exclusively on yourself and what’s in it for you. When you make the shift to supporting others in your life, without expecting anything in return, you’ll think less about what you want and find comfort and joy in the act of giving and serving.” Wayne Dyer

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