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True Blood Keeps A Body Healthy


The blood supports our most protected organ, the heart. The blood is were many cardiovascular health problems begin, and also where they can be solved or kept at bay.

We focus far more on the sleek lines and performance of the cars we drive than the fuel we put in them. Yet corrosion and blockages in the fuel composition can bring us to a grinding halt. Continue Reading

Urge Surfing To Break A Habit

Urge Surf

Urge surfing, a mindfulness-based psychotherapy technique, is a term introduced by the late psychologist Alan Marlatt, Ph.D.. A pioneer in the field of treating addictions. An urge is an impulse to engage in an old habit, such as drinking or abusing, which are often experienced as physical sensations in the body. Urges are like waves in that they rise in intensity, peak, and eventually crash. Continue Reading

Healthy Lymphatic System Healthy Body

The Lymphatic System is similar to the drains in your home. It clears away infection and keeps your body fluids in balance.

When any of your homes drains have a clog you get: unpleasant odours, the sink and basin stay full, the toilet doesn’t flush, particles such as food, hair and bacteria become stagnant in the drain. When the source of the problem is unclogged, the water and waste it carries flow freely through the pipes again. Continue Reading