Crystal Healing

Spark Of Life incorporates Reiki into Crystal Healing treatments.
Reiki works with these crystals on the subtle energy levels in your Aura, with the aim of restoring your balance and well-being. Thereby re-balancing energies and improving your well-being.

Crystal Healing is …


Crystal Healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in your mind and body.

  • Each crystal has its own energy vibration.
  • Crystal Healing uses this energy. This is achieved through placing specifically chosen crystals on or around you. (Crystals are chosen according to their energy healing properties).
  • These energies resonate with your Chakras or have the desired healing properties to deal with your particular physical, emotional or mental condition in need of healing.
  • Together with Reiki this helps to release energy blockages. So refining the flow of energy.

Receiving such a treatment will allow you to experience a state of deep tranquility. Consequently letting go of attitudes and habits that are no longer beneficial, assisting in tuning yourself to the rhythm of life.

Crystal Healing Consultation … Call Us Now!

Investment: R450 – R575
Session length: 1 hour / 1 hour 30 mins
(Cape Town and surrounds)

Beneficial Effects of crystal Healing

A Crystal-Reiki Healing combination treatment promotes peace and tranquility, reduces mental and nervous stress and improves general well-being.

The energy that these crystals transmit can have powerful effects on the different energy vibrations in a human being. So helping to clear blocked energy in your body, mind, spirit and emotions, attuning your energy field and bringing it back into balance.
Ideal conditions are created through this balancing and attuning for body, mind and emotions to heal.

Healing from the stimulating and healing effects of crystals and gemstones have been known in most ancient civilisations for thousands of years.
Crystals are still widely used widely for there therapeutic properties.

Made from the earth, these special ‘rocks’ are electro-magnetic healing devices that can bring peace and harmony into the environment. As a result each stone has its own unique characteristics that release specific energies in the body and mind.


  • Please note. All therapies are deeply relaxing, and aid your body to heal on 3 levels
    Physical : Aches and pains, stress, illness, post operative trauma, lack of physical energy and vitality
    Mental : Fears, Phobia’s, Mental Stress
    Emotional : Past Traumas, Mystical Depression and any other emotional issues.
  • Your body will automatically detoxify on all levels, for 7 days after the therapy. Consequently please ensure you eat well balanced meals and drink sufficient water.
  • These therapies are complimentary and are not to replace any existing medication or Professional Health Care Practitioners advice or diagnosis. It is therefore to be used in conjunction with existing allopathic health care.