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Urge Surfing To Break A Habit

Urge Surf

Urge surfing, a mindfulness-based psychotherapy technique, is a term introduced by the late psychologist Alan Marlatt, Ph.D.. A pioneer in the field of treating addictions. An urge is an impulse to engage in an old habit, such as drinking or abusing, which are often experienced as physical sensations in the body. Urges are like waves in that they rise in intensity, peak, and eventually crash. Continue Reading

Emotional Health and Addiction

Emotional wellness

Your emotional health and stability plays a big role in your belief system and personality.  The way you look at yourself, others and the world around you, is influenced by the presence of underlying issues.

Using harmful substances (medication, drugs, alcohol, etc.) may appear to assist in alleviating symptoms in the short term. One of the effects of substance abuse is that it makes emotional health worse. Also, abusing drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals, can actually bring on some mental health disorders. The use of drugs can push these individuals into a mental illness. Continue Reading