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Urge Surfing To Break A Habit

Urge Surf

Urge surfing, a mindfulness-based psychotherapy technique, is a term introduced by the late psychologist Alan Marlatt, Ph.D.. A pioneer in the field of treating addictions. An urge is an impulse to engage in an old habit, such as drinking or abusing, which are often experienced as physical sensations in the body. Urges are like waves in that they rise in intensity, peak, and eventually crash. Continue Reading



Triangles Р3 like-minded friends working to Heal Humanity through a Planetary Network of Light and Goodwill

A growing number of people, from all walks of life, are familiar with the healing influence of divine energy. The need to reconnect the circuit through which Soul energy can flow is a crucial step in the healing process.

One initiative that is working to establish this re-connection through selfless meditation and the use of The Great Invocation, and which involves thousands of people throughout the world is Triangles.

People of goodwill from all faiths and spiritual traditions are actively working with this daily rhythm.   Continue Reading

Weekly Meditation Group

Group Meditation

Join us for our weekly group Thursday guided meditation.

Our weekly group is open to all. If you are new and would like to learn more, or if you are a seasoned practitioner and would like to deepen your practice, please join us as we explore this mindful practice. Continue Reading