Womans Day Happy Hour

Womans Day Happy Hour

Womans Day Happy Hour … time to shake off the winter blues!
Is your energy low? Are you trying to keep pace with the months flashing by?

Or maybe you’re simply looking to enhance your overall wellness and reduce anxiety or stress.

No matter your motivation, it’s the perfect time for a mind-body tune-up!

Join us for the community-style group AcuDetox acupuncture session.

Limited to 15 seats and costing just R200 per person.

This Friday (August 9th) at the I DESERVE IT Skills and Wellness Centre on Roasmead Avenue, Kenilworth.

Call now to reserve your spot.
MARYAM 083 295-5002 || COLIN 074 699-0671 


Womans Day Happy Hour


Colin is an energy sensitive empath working with his skills as a healer and teacher, working with light energy and the human energy field to release dis-ease; bring about healing, positive change and empowerment to people.