Nudity and Your Being Well

healthy nudity

Nudity, lounging around in the buff, can actually have some serious health benefits for you!

There’s something wonderfully relaxing about taking off all your clothes. Whether you’re naked in bed, in the shower, with your significant other, around the house, or at a nude beach.

Inventor Benjamin Franklin’s interests included medicine. His theories caused him to believe that nudity was good for you. To avoid getting sick, Franklin came up with something he called an “air bath”.

“I still think that nudity is itself a kind of therapy.” – Abraham Maslow


The Japanese practice of Forest bathing or shinrin-yoku is the taking of a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits.

A plaster cast on a broken arm causes the skin to starve for Vitamin D. Furthermore the muscles weaken due to strangled range of motion and the nerve synapses depress. We modern day humans cover our entire skin except for face, neck and hands. We shield our symbiosis with the planet. History reveals many cultures that were not clothes-minded.

Nudity: The health benefits of being naked include:

  • Prevent Infections : When you spend a lot of time in clothing, you tend to sweat a lot. Sweat breeds bacteria, increasing your risk of bacterial infections. By spending more time in the buff, you allow your body to air out–thereby reducing your risk of infections forming.
  • Get More Vitamin D : The sun is the best source of Vitamin D. What better way to get lots of sunlight than by allowing your entire body to soak it up? You’ll find that being naked outside will help you to get more Vitamin D, which will improve skin, bone, and organ health.
  • Sandy-Bay-Nudist-Beach_Cape-TownReduces Toxins : Sweat eliminates a lot of toxins from your skin. Clothing soaks up the toxins and allow your skin to reabsorb them. Those toxins can cause skin problems. Being naked will give your skin a chance to eliminate them for good!
  • Improves Fertility : You don’t just LOOK better when you walk around naked, but for men, it can be a way to improve their fertility. Clothes that are tight around the groin region can constrict blood flow to the genitalia, reducing both sperm quality and count and increasing your risk of fertility issues.
  • Enhance Circulation : Tight clothing (bra, underwear, elastic-waisted pants, etc.) put pressure on your body, and they can actually reduce your circulation. Consequently by taking off all those clothes, you allow your blood to flow free once again.
  • Boost Brain Function : A number of studies have discovered that going naked is a great way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and increase your brain function. Oddly enough, the soles of the human feet help to prevent aging and increase the flexibility of your brain.
  • Relaxes You : Did you know that being naked is akin to getting a massage? Lying in bed naked helps to increase blood flow throughout your body. This makes it easier to detoxify your system and reduces the burden on your nervous system.
  • Increase Self-Confidence : There’s something about being naked that forces you to face your flaws in the mirror. Eventually, you’ll become more comfortable in your own skin, and things won’t look so bad. With time, your body image will change, and you’ll see yourself in a very different, more positive light.
    Nude beaches are where the oldest, hairiest, most decrepit of people go. Because they have moved beyond the modesty of insecurity and don’t really care what anyone thinks.

  • Reduce Clothing Costs/Waste : The world spend an estimated $17.6 billion per year on swimsuits alone. Imagine how much money is spent on other items of clothing. Going naked more often will help you to spend much less on clothing. Thereby increasing the amount of money you save each year. Less clothing purchased means less clothing thrown into dumps or incinerators once it is worn out.
  • Up Your Tolerance Level : We’re talking about tolerance for others and their ways of life. Researchers discovered, in a study done in Florida, that pro-nudity students had a much easier time accepting the gay/lesbian/alternative way of life than anti-nudity students. The ethnic and religious differences of others too. (From

Naked Truth

People are increasingly looking to get back to nature, rejecting the modern world and reconnecting to the earth.

“We seem to be OK with violence, but nudity we race to criticise and censor.” – Eva Mendes

It’s time to get naked with nature. It is the perfect opportunity to leave technology at home and go for walks, observe wildlife and experience a different, healthy, kind of living.

Educating Julie

This is a documentary feature film in which a timid college student, Julie, is assigned to write a research paper on “Nudity in the 1980’s” She and her boyfriend, Steve, visit several nudist clubs in England, the south of France and in Florida to learn about why people like nudism.


Colin is an energy sensitive empath working with his skills as a healer and teacher, working with light energy and the human energy field to release dis-ease; bring about healing, positive change and empowerment to people.

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