Natures Apothecary

natures apothecary

Natures medicine chest is an ongoing discovery of old and new plants, tried and tested over centuries by different cultures around the world. Plants that includes species said or proven to cure an array of ailments. Some have been chosen for their beauty, others for historical interest, aroma or remedial qualities

But it doesn’t take any special knowing to recognise the healing qualities of our mountains, rivers, beaches, forests. 

Here are 13 ways to allow nature to permeate your being:

  • Eat organic whole foods.
  • Hang out on the beach.
  • Spend time with animals.
  • Exercise outside.
  • Walk a mountain trail.
  • Work in the garden and get your hands dirty.
  • Let your skin soak up the sun.
  • Swim in the ocean or a river
  • Walk through a forest.
  • Meditate outside.
  • let the wind blow against your skin.
  • Walk barefoot on the grass or sand.
  • Lean up against a tree.

Natures apothecary provides the simplest healing tools, which are the most powerful. These are the ones that are most often overlooked.


Colin is an energy sensitive empath working with his skills as a healer and teacher, working with light energy and the human energy field to release dis-ease; bring about healing, positive change and empowerment to people.

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