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Natures Apothecary

natures apothecary

Natures medicine chest is an ongoing discovery of old and new plants, tried and tested over centuries by different cultures around the world. Plants that includes species said or proven to cure an array of ailments. Some have been chosen for their beauty, others for historical interest, aroma or remedial qualities

But it doesn’t take any special knowing to recognise the healing qualities of our mountains, rivers, beaches, forests.  Continue Reading

Self Belief Is Power

Self belief becomes a prerequisite to living life to the full. You are worthy of experiencing life at it’s very best. To willfully experience less, would be to abdicate your personal responsibility in co-creating your best life. You have to believe in your greatness before you can fully express your greatness in this world. Your present moment, now, is when it is no longer anyone’s fault for your lack of self belief. You must accept full responsibility to build up what you allow others, or yourself, to break down. Continue Reading

The Holistic Fayre Bothasig

Holistic Fayre Bothasig

Join us in Bothasig for the The Holistic Fayre on the Second Sunday of each month for a holistic event for Body, Mind and Spirit.

At this popular fair you will find a number of healing practitioners who offer a number of wellness therapies. These include, Reiki, Crystals, Body Alignment, Quantum Touch, Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage, psychic readings and more.  Continue Reading