The Celebrity Auricular Acupuncture Trend

Celebrity Auricular Acupuncture Trend

Any celebrity A-Lister worth their salt is wearing the tell-tale ear pin showing they’re having auricular acupuncture.

Acupuncture as an ideal adjunct to traditional care. Particularly when health problems may be caused by disruption to energy pathways – flow of Qi – in your body called meridians.

Acupuncture has been used to treat patients for nearly 3,000 years. Some of the earliest medical acupuncture texts have survived since 200 B.C. and are still being used to teach students today.

Celebrity Auricular Acupuncture TrendEar acupuncture, or auricular therapy, is a type of acupuncture that approaches the ear as a micro-system of the body. Similar to reflexology, it treats this one body part with a view to treat symptoms elsewhere. There are muscular-skeletal, organ, and neurological points in the ear, and needling them removes blockages in any of those systems.

Adopted by Dr. Michael Smith to treat addiction using the AcuDetox protocol, and popularized by Dr. Paul Nogier (a French doctor) in the 1950’s it was created as a bridge between Eastern and Western acupuncture.

The theory of the micro-system operates off the idea that a part of the body (auricular being the ear) is a micro version of the entire body. So you can use the ear to treat any other area of the body. This differs from the centuries old full-body acupuncture, which stimulates meridians, or energy channels, across the whole body.

Inserting Needles

Simplified, inserting needles into the skin stimulates natural painkillers like serotonin and dopamine. So any type of acupuncture can provide quick relief right away. As the ear has so many nerve endings, auricular acupuncture can stimulate the central nervous system. This ignites parts of the brain responsible for different processes.

Celebrity Auricular Acupuncture TrendPractitioners insert very fine needles into set points in the ear, often prompting quick — sometimes immediate — results. Ear acupuncture can be used to treat chronic pain, isolated injury, stress, addiction, and more. It’s designed to bring all parts of the body back into balance — and that includes the emotions.

Not only celebrity are turning to the acupuncture practice. It’s now being used around the globe in hospitals, complementary health clinics, and many rehabilitation facilities. It is also administered to soldiers in certain sects of the American and British military for pain management and relief from PTSD.

Celebrity Acupuncture Fans

Celebrity acupuncture fans include Kate Moss who is said to have used it to combat cocaine addiction, Cherie Blair turns to it to relieve stress, Matt Damon for neck spasms and Chelsea FC boss Roman Abramovich was pictured with a needle in his ear, reportedly to help him lose weight. Along with Penélope Cruz, Madonna, Bar Rafaeli, Demi Moore, and David Grohl of the Foo Fighters are just a few more of the celebrities who have been snapped following ear acupuncture sessions. Even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get acupuncture!


Colin is an energy sensitive empath working with his skills as a healer and teacher, working with light energy and the human energy field to release dis-ease; bring about healing, positive change and empowerment to people.